Online Learning Experience and Challenges of Undergraduate Students During COVID-19

Afaaf Ruba, Farhat Abdullah, Khalid Ahmed, Ayesha Basharat

  • Afaaf Ruba University of Central Punjab, Lahore
  • Farhat Abdullah University of Central Punjab, Lahore
  • Khalid Ahmed University of Central Punjab, Lahore
  • Ayesha Basharat University of Central Punjab, Lahore
Keywords: Online Learning, Respondents, COVID-19, Google Forms, Feedback


The paper presents a comprehensive view of students' viewpoints on online learning and academic, psychological, domestic, and social problems. The study analyzed different aspects of online learning and their effects on students' lives. This research aimed to analyze the concerns of undergraduate students of the University of Central Punjab. Due to the closure of physical classes and institutes, the data collection for this study was done online through a survey questionnaire structured on google forms. A primary source of data collection was used and a sample of 100 students
from different departments of the University of Central Punjab was approached. Responses to the survey questionnaire served to represent students' stance on online learning. A majority of respondents showed satisfaction over online learning and grading system. Similarly, most of the respondents had a neutral perspective on Microsoft Teams as a learning platform. Assignment submission and attempting quizzes was not a very difficult task for the university students. Poor internet connection was a major issue along with a lack of motivation for students in online
classes. The study addressed major issues faced by students during online classes and learning feedback on the shifted system of online classes due to COVID-19.