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Journal of English Language, Literature and Education (JELLE) is a quarterly peer reviewed and open access research journal. The primary aim of JELLE is to generate and disseminate high quality knowledge about the English language, literature, and English Language Teaching (ELT) to promote advanced research and best practices in these fields.

The journal invites contributions from researchers, scholars, teachers, students, alumni, and policymakers associated with the English language, linguistics, literature, English Language Teaching (ELT), and education across the entire globe. The journal seeks to publish original research and action research.

This Journal has been successfully recognized by HEC in the Y category.

The rights of the editor-in-chief and editors to be identified as the authors of the editorial material as well as the rights of the authors for their research papers are affirmed in accordance with the copyright ordinance 1962 of Pakistan. The authors of research papers are accountable for the statements of facts and opinions. Nobody at the office of JELLE is liable for the data in texts by the authors. The published papers strictly follow the guidelines of JELLE.

Publication Fee
Publication fee of approved papers: Rs. 10,000/-
Note: As per LGU revised policy (with effect from January 2023)

The Journal is using The Creative Commons license that best meets the needs of the journal, and gives authors the option to choose a license for their paper.

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