Dr. Adnan Rashid Investigating EFL Teachers' Perceptions of the Use of YouTube in the Development of Saudi EFL University Students' Speaking Skills

Dr. Adnan Rashid, Shaukat Khan, Faisal Rashid Sheikh

  • Adnan Rashid Umm Al Qura University Makkah – Saudi Arabia
  • Shaukat Khan Umm Al Qura University Makkah – Saudi Arabia
  • Faisal Rashid Sheikh International Islamic University, Islamabad – Pakistan
Keywords: Attitudes, EFL, Instructors’ perceptions, Speaking skills, YouTube


The present study attempts to examine English instructors' perceptions, attitudes, and pedagogical suggestions utilising YouTube to help Saudi EFL university students improve their speaking abilities. The research was designed using descriptive and analytical methodologies. A questionnaire was designed for data collection and administered to English language instructors, 61 EFL instructors in English Language Centre at Umm Al Qura University Saudi Arabia. According to the study's findings, English language teachers believed that YouTube is a beneficial teaching tool for developing university students' speaking skills. The findings demonstrated that YouTube might be utilised in the classroom, including allowing students to comment on a specific video or provide some details, debate, ask questions, and respond. The study recommended that students' speaking abilities could be improved by embedding YouTube videos in the EFL classroom.