Pakiza Saba Social Media in Teaching Learning Process: Exploring the use of WhatsApp in Teaching and Learning Process in University of Sargodha

Pakiza Saba

  • Pakiza Saba University of Sargodha– Pakistan
Keywords: Descriptive, Learning, Social Media, Teaching, Technology, WhatsApp


The role of technology and communication in modern times is eminent. The world is moving towards globalization. Communication has become faster and easier. Social Media is yet another tool to communicate across the globe. Social Media platforms are playing a vital role in all the fields of life. WhatsApp is the most frequently used social media tool, it is not only being used for the purpose of sending and receiving messages but it has also been used for educational purposes. Many universities across the globe are using WhatsApp as a tool for online instructions. It offers students enhanced opportunities and choices from the perspective of online education. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to explore the use of WhatsApp in the teaching and learning process at the University of Sargodha. The study also tried to find out what ratio of students and teachers is using WhatsApp for instant messages and how many of them are actually using it for educational purposes. This research is descriptive in nature, the population of the study comprises 35 teachers and 166 students. The research questionnaires from both teachers and students were filled online and thus analyzed, using statistical measures to answer the required research questions. The results showed that the majority of teachers and students are using WhatsApp for the purpose of instant messages and for educational purposes as well. It is also revealed that teachers have been assigning tasks to students through WhatsApp and sharing research papers and other study material.